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Revised CSAR Script MOD with Realistic Sounds

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I have updated an old CSAR script with the original not being my work. So thanks go to Ciribob for the original format.


This mod gives you:


1. Downed pilot = Newer model infantry unit.

2. Sounds provided for radio messages.

3. Realistic PLB sound.


I am providing this mod in mission file format, as you can download that and open the zipfile. You can then save the script and ogg files to wherever you wish.


You can fly the mission if you would like, providing you own the Huey. It will show you how this all works and potentially how to setup your own mission once you have all the files. It's only a very basic short mission but it show's what is possible.


Files will be located in the RevisedCSAR.miz zip as follows: l10n/DEFAULT


Please enjoy.

Callsign: NAKED

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Hi all, and thank you Suntsag.

Where can I download the mission?



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