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Hi I was trying to set up an ILS frequency in the caucusas map...och you know where I mean, lol

I could not get it to work, and got out Chucks Guide to see what I was doing wrong.


Then I notice I only have 'tens' when I hover over the radio, Chucks guide shows a single digit off to the left of what I see. So I don't have a 'one's

I have attached a screenshot.

I have tried scrolling up and down the Tens scroll bar, but cannot get it to show anything else


Latest version of DCS on both Beta and Main as per Friday 21/09/18.

Hawk has had it's updates. It happens on both versions of DCS


What have I done?

Thanks in advance, no rush


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Yeah, I was confused until I saw the old ILS texture in Chuck's Hawk guide (funny what you forget).


The 100 MHz prefix is none adjustable, unfortunately both it and the decimal point are missing or too dark to see in DCS


However the missing textures can safely be ignored, just enter the tens, units and decimal of the ILS frequency you wish to tune to i.e. Senaki ILS is on 108.90 MHz, so you'd set the Hawk ILS dials to 08.90 in DCS


This is what it used to look like:




What have I done?

The ILS digits in your picture read 1080, so the ILS is tuned to (1)10.80 MHz

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