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Brunner Force Feedback Joystick Base

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It definitely wasn't set up correctly then, the Brunner DCS plugin accepts airspeed information and provides control loading according to whatever force curves the user has got programmed.


With the warbirds I can feel the elevator start to bite on the takeoff run and lose their effectiveness when the aircraft stalls - which is a lot more realistic than a prepackaged buffet effect.


I specifically DON'T want to be feeling buffeting, guns firing or anything else that is a canned gaming effect transmitted through the stick.

I've got a Buttkicker and Simshaker for that sort of feedback.


The Brunner is expensive but I thought about the time and effort I'd need to put into keeping an out of production consumer grade FFB stick running and decided that the Brunner was the way to go.

I'm blown away with how good it is, but I have spent a lot of time setting the control loading software up.

When I'm feeling brave I'm going to get a quote for the Brunner pedals too...


Good to know it is more configurable than what I experienced. Only the old Il-2 had the stick shaking when you fired the guns on the MSFFB2. DCS is a vastly improved experience. A little of buffet approaching a stall is good because you cannot feel the airplane the way you can when you're actually flying.


When a good replacement comes for the MSFFB2 I'll be all over it. The Brunner isn't it.

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A little of buffet approaching a stall is good because you cannot feel the airplane the way you can when you're actually flying.


Take a look at Simshaker, I couldn't fly without that now. It does more than stall buffet and is customisable. Can't praise it enough.


Some real jets have been given pre stall feedback to assist pilots - the Hawk trainers have a couple of aluminium strips fixed to the wing leading edges ( nicknamed Toblerone because thats what they look like ) to add some buffet warning.

So it's not just sim pilots who need extra feedback...


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With the eminent release of MSFS, I’m pretty sure that we will see several more force feedback devices at least in Yoke format some of which will likely accommodate the DCS community. And I agree with you, any good device becomes no good unless you really know how to set it up.

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I've had a Brunner now for close to a year. I love the joystick but can't help thinking I"m not getting the most out of it. I don't really understand what all the parameters that are adjustable do. Is there documentation that is geared to a dummy that would help me. I fly mostly the Hornet and the F-16. Are there profiles available for either or both of those planes?


There is another question I have regarding DCS do the joystick setting in the game work with the Brunner I was told they don't but I though they do have effect?


For me the hardware trim has been worth the price of admission I'm not sure I'd be able to fly anything else.

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Not a lot of reason to use FFB on a FBW airframe.


You're going to get the most out of the WW2 warbirds and the non FBW jets like the F-14.

This! In the real F-16 the stick doesn't even move really...

Fly analogue birds (like the Tomcat) to enjoy FFB instead of digital Fly By Wire jets, where you just tell the Flight Control System what to do instead of actuating the control surfaces directly. :joystick:

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Not a lot of reason to use FFB on a FBW airframe.


You're going to get the most out of the WW2 warbirds and the non FBW jets like the F-14.


I'm actually not really concerned with FFB I agree it's nice though. I'd like to model the control stick feel as accurately as possible. I'm not sure I've set that properly I'm sure there are ways to refine it.

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I too would be interested in the "dummy" guide for the Brunner CLS-E. Bought one a year ago and have not used anywhere the full potential. Want to use the Brunner as the joystick for propeller aircraft for DCS, and IL2, but so far not managed to get the full potential. The base is large and deep and needs the MonsterTech Mount, which is so large it is uncomfortable to use in centre mount so I use as side mount. No extension as do not see the need for a variable force feedback curve, and the mount is adjustable for height. I have ordered the Realsimulator F16 Custom Edition to use with this for propeller and 1st generation jets, get the dual functionality. But really need to get smarter with the investment

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Anyone know if this thing works with the AV8 or the Huey? I keep looking at this thing, but after reading about the low total force, and the forces dropping out during extended pulls, I'm really leery about dropping the coin. I'd definitely get the rudders along with it, as a lack of rudder feedback is one thing that flight sims in general really miss.

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