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Spanish A.F. C15-39 (15-26) Ultra Weathered skin


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Hi guys, just wanted to share with you my last skin, this time I choosed the C.15-39 (the one send to the RIAT 2017) and made a weathered interpretation (based on real life pics and few aspects of this unit). The biggest part of the job was focused on the materials weathering so you will see most of the detail there. Also i decided I wanted to make a more realistic nozzles, particulary for this unit so based on pics of real world I managed to achive some cool effects on them and make them look more detailed and realistic, especially in the material department.


Some features:


-Detailed weathering not only for the difuse color but also for the materials.

-Improved nozzles with proper color and shape effect for this unit.

-Custom pilot helmet and its material.

-Dust over the cockpit desk (also material effect).

-Detailed decals and crew names.

-Weathered fuel tanks with their materials.



***A big THANKS to "Luft" for his amazing work adding lots of new details for the ED's template, many of them included in this skin. :thumbup:








More pics:




Hope you like it!!:)

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Thanks a lot!!!!

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