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The VSN-33 open doors


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Following the DCS FA-18C model release and the existing virtual squadrons that had recently open their gates to offer a firm baseline for training and ops missions, would like to introduce the VSN-33 as an additional alternative for the DCS community:



The VSN-33 is driven by a core dedicated aviation enthusiastic that aims to bring under its umbrella online Virtual Pilot enthusiasts who are passionate with Military Aviation Simulation.


The SQN Incorporates a Cadet Academy program Inspired by real life aviation pilots with both Civil and Military operation experiences, offering you the chance to learn or better yourself on airframes within the DCS World Simulation environment and serves as mandatory gateway for “VSN-33” drivers.


The VSN-33 indicated with a custom skin design and IP tech documentation for training and ops mission.


Our Goal is to enhance the experience and challenge by adapting realistic military flying perception merged with a joyful social experience for the entire community members


In the VSN-33 we don’t follow ranked based structure, however, our unique perception is to introduce realistic airmanship practice motivated by the real life experience of our core team members in both the military and commercial aspects.


The VSN-33 entity strive to adapt realistic operational aspect with regards to the following related platforms which are enveloped under the squadron with special focus to maritime ops and procedure and currently include the F/A-18 “hornet” as the main leading model for training and ops mission.


Flight Sims addict who are self-motivated and enjoy constant learning and equipped with the necessary patience and professional attitude to enjoy the training phase which envelopes challenges associated with technical flight sessions, fair amount of knowledge base material which are mandatory parts of the training session, accepting critics and comments from a fellow members as reflected from our vision and mission statement.


We do recognize real life constrains are and will comes in conflict at some points with members availability over time, for that matter the training program support and offer all candidate to move and progress at their own pace through the BFTP tracks. However, a candidate activity level is taken into account as, we want members who are active, allowing a reasonable momentum as part of a team and not just represent a name on a roster board.


In our model of operation we always try to find a balance between the entertainment aspects that DCS offer as flexible sandbox sim based platform and the professional aspects of aviation in general and mil type in particular.


Our model of operation will allow any candidate at any level to join and have access to our standards and procedure, following as a team we will be more than happy to help and support at any given time to ensure that skill level will not be a constrain for anyone whether he is a novice or experienced DCS user, however, as Knowledge is freely provided here and our members enjoy helping each other, the information is not spoon fed. Candidate must be willing to seek knowledge and practice to improve.


As aviation knowledge and flight skills that is required to introduce an expert DCS aviator can be taught, enthusiasm and dedication which are fairly needed during that process are DNA related, as such, complying with our minimum stated requirements combined with self-eager and motivation to learn is a key parameter to set a firm foundation to successfully develop and acquire the proficiencies which characterize a VSN-33 driver.



We warmly invite anyone who Find interest to contact us via E-mail: vsn033rd@gmail.com

Also visit our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/474786519617319/

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