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IR Cool switch for AGM-65G

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Is IR Cool switch to cool IR seekers in Sidewinders also cools AGM-65G as part of its spinup weaponprep? Or is IR Cool strictly for AIM-9. Keeping there is no IR cool in A-10C, as far as know.
AIM9 + Sidearm


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Ironic that for AGM-65G IRMAV, part of the warm-up is a cool-down of the seaker.

So for Sidewinders , there is a what? A small dewar of liquid nitrogen in the pylon, that is attached to missile as part munition load. Or the liquid nitrogen flask in the missile itself?

Funny that Mig-21bis does not have similar function for its R-13M (which are Sidewinder clones). No similar procedure for R-60M either.

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Depends which era Sidewinder. Early rear-aspect were lead sulfide (PbS) detectors that were not cooled or electric cooling was sufficient. They didn't need to be super sensitive to low IR because they were looking at bright, high freq. IR associated with engines.


Later all aspect Sidewinders used a different sensor that was sensitive to the colder temperatures of skin friction heating and those needed to be cooled. The USAF favored integral coolant tank inside the missile (it's open cycle so coolant is lost) while the USN favored a larger bottle built into the launcher. This is why you might get 30 minutes of cooled time in an F-16 but 90 minutes in an F-18.


The very latest missiles like AIM-9X can acceptably cool electrically and still get good performance (similar targeting pods).


It makes little sense to "warm up" most Mavericks since the primary ready functions are gyroscope RPM and seeker cooling. This is also partially why Mavs have time limits, the cooling mechanism can't keep shoving heat out of the front part of the missile forever.


I don't say "warm up Mavericks" but "spin Mavericks" or less commonly "cool Mavericks" to call for them being ready. It's more accurate to what's actually happening.


I'm not sure why the R-13M(1) and R-60M don't have specifically mentioned time limits.

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Only Sidewinders. If you have Sidearm loaded and flip the switch you can damage the seeker.

For Mavs you just need to select them to start the warm-up process.


Yes..... but according to the TAC manual you shouldn't use it for sidewinders either. It's to be used for the pre-flight check or SMS failure. IR COOL Switch. The IR COOL

switch is a two position switch with positions IR

COOL and OFF. The switch enables the pilot to

manually apply IR detector cooling to the

sidewinder seekers for pre-flight operation or in

backup mode in case of a stores management

computer failure. Positioning the switch to IR

COOL applies cooling to all sidewinder stations

with a sidewinder or sidearm loaded. Positioning

the switch to OFF deselects IR cooling. The IR

COOL switch must be returned to the OFF

position prior to flight.

On aircraft with Sidearms loaded the IR

COOL switch should not be positioned to IR

COOL except for preflight check of sidewinders.

In the IR COOL position the seeker hardware in

the sidearm will uncage and the seeker will

free-float, however, the movement will terminate

at the gimbal stops. Excessive and uncontrolled

contact with the gimbal stop can cause seeker


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