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my personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs

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after over two years of flying in dcs and posting on these forums, i thought i could do my very own little wishlist.

Items/features that are either being currently worked on, planned, or that have been acknowledged by the dev team as "nice to have" in some form or another have been greyed out (inter alia thanks to silver_dragon's unofficial roadmap).


In no partucular order:


Mission Editor / AI / Logic

- civilian / neutral coalition
- updated IFF / ROE for redfor/blufor appropriatly

- AI assets (jetliner etc.)

- ability for mission designer to quickly generate civ air traffic

- ability to exclude civilian road traffic from zones

- split auto-generated civilian road traffic from auto-generated military road traffic (f.e. military trucks on caucasus)
- ability to control autogen military traffic with zones/triggers or have it linked to warehouse-system where available

- EWR, Air controller logic

- "is ewr" attribute and "relay speed" option for every unit.

(it would allow every unit with "is ewr = 1" to automatically guide CAPs to enemy position (like the awacs and redfor EWR currently does) but only using the units native sensor range.

relay speed would determine how fast and how often the position got updated)

- "spotted by coalition" trigger

- easier way to randomize missions

- multiple possible routes per group within the UI, without scripting

(f.e. option to create "dummy-objects" and make a route for them and allow proper units to switch to those routes by advanced "switch waypoint logic" with probability option to have multiple possible paths)

World, weather, graphics, performance

- with the advent of dedicated servers, also make single-player and hosted games use server-client architecture to offload server-related calculations to own thread

- better night lighting (it's getting worked on, but still some work to do)

- improved weather system

- better looking clouds

- more complex, layered cloud formations

- fully mp-synchronised

- easy way to set up weather changes

- realistic weather presets per map/region

- higher resolution effects of weather on aircraft

- turbulence, buffeting (including sounds)

- much higher and long-range visibility for nav-lights, beacons...

- HDR / HDR10 support

- canopy glinting

- highly visible reflection/glint on canopy or other reflective parts of assets even over great distance
- serverside option for exagerated glinting to help with spotting (some shooter games do that with sniper scopes f.e.)

Assets / models

- early cold war, heavy AAA

- armed hilux/pickup and other insurgent vehicles

- some update to all the old, super-low-poly assets

- first generation manpads (redeye, strela-2)

- static gp/aa maschine-gun emplacements (M2 .50, MG3 7.92, Kord 12.7...)

- assets for realistic sam-sites and other fortifications (these would help with spotting, since static ground units could have a larger visual foodprint)

- type specific reload vehicles for SAM systems

- ramparts

- support trailers/structures

- camo netting

- placeable textures with tire-marks etc.

- variation of tents and small fortifications

- option to hide driver/pilot from asset for use as targeting drone

General, gameplay, immersive features

- Proper mission planning with mission planer and kneeboard tool

(after role selection, before entering cockpit, planner only availabe on friendly airfields with engine off)
- ME / serverside option to allow/disallow players to make own flightplan on map or change premade flightplan

- ability to customize kneeboard (copy paste frequencys or other information on custom pages, manually select which maps and charts to include)
- easy way to copy/save custom pages for later use (f.e. custom checklists, cheatsheets)

- change loadout and aircraft parameters if allowed by mission / server

- multiplayer planning with synced doodling/markings while in planner, that can be copied to respective kneeboard page

- airfields control radar showing up on RWR where applicable

- auto-generated, animated ground crew on airfields (similar in scale to what's available in a certain GA sim)

- custom logo and pilot names on aircraft

- hugely improved ATC

- voice reckognition / voice commands integrated into dcs

- voip officially integrated into dcs for multiplayer and incorperated into aircrafts radio system

- alternatively built in support for teamspeak-client for voip with official teamspeak-plug-in and again proper radio simulation and integrated into aircrafts radio system

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My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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from the latest interviews with wags and chizh i realized that many of my points are either already WIP, planned or at least acknowledged to be "nice to have", so i greyed them out, to make the other points stand out more, as these are points that are not much discussed at all, while in some cases they seem to me as being equally important.

My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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I would go even further and put HDR-effects on my wishlist. It would be fantastic, if DCS introduced HDR like in Xplane-11:



Good point. I added it to the list.

I made a whole thread for HDR/HDR10 a while back, because i wanted confirmation if HDR was at least planned for the future, to help me decide wether i should invest in HDR hardware (which at the moment is still too expensive to buy "just in case"): Would be much appreciated if a mod could ask ED, if there is anything in the pipeline, even if it is still far out...

My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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I would go even further and put HDR-effects on my wishlist. It would be fantastic, if DCS introduced HDR like in Xplane-11:










WoW, dcs nights look like shit after your pics :noexpression:

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As always with HDR, please remember that you can't see it on a screenshot and that you can't see it without proper hardware.

The screenshots from the other sim look good not because of HDR but because of high draw distance for lights, good tone-mapping and flashy post processing.

Having the sim render in true HDR10 to a compatible monitor would elevate that to eleven!!!



Edited by twistking

My personal wishlist after 2 years with dcs: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=216873

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I agree with the whole ground unit machinegun misc stuff a lot, I think the various types of little stuff hiding in the bushes is the kind of stuff that enriches DCS as a whole, I'd go for more military support and utility, infrastructure buildings and objects that do affect gameplay, where cargo transport would really matter and it could perhaps be eventually linked with airport supply system, thought optional ofcourse, then you could have fuel/ammo/repair parts being transported on roads and you'd also have to defend that while defending the forward airbase/airport it self.


I'm very hungry for more of these military tanker/transport ground vehicles, and also exposing the whole fuel/ammo system in the mission editor so you could see the ranges of influence if those units will get rearmed and refueled, well actually you'd need that in F10 view as well but it should be toggable because it's a cheat ofcourse, well MP servers probably disable F10 view wholly anyway already right?

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2nd.: PC Specs: Win10P 2004 (20H1), 1440p@75"32 - MB: Asus P9X79 - CPU: Intel i7 3820 - RAM: 32GB - GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 8GB - SSD Samsung 860 EVO 250GB (DCS), Input: Saitek Cyborg X/FLY5

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I totally agree there are a lot of things that need to be changed in dcs im really slowly losing hope in dcs. I really like some of your ideas in your list like nav lights being seen further. I hope they change these soon becuase dcs is still looking really bad in some cases.:cry:

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