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Joint Task Force Heavy RECRUITING

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Greetings, fellow pilots.


We at Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY], are looking for pilots of ALL air-frame types! Those of you who aspire to fly with a fun group and learn - and can find the middle ground between casual and serious simming, have found your new home.


Please note that we have room for you, but you must be 18 years of age, and be English Proficient.


We are structured to have all branches of service be relevant - So you can fly the plane you want to be assigned to, in a squadron that bases your billet on that factor. We do not have air-frame limitations - you'll be assigned airframes for squad events and org charts only!


Please check out our website at https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html for information on how to join us, and to understand how we operate. We also have an event page that shows when squad flights are imminent (Almost all Saturdays and Tuesdays, 10am-3pm PST)!


We have plans for a dedicated server in the very near future, so please join us!



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Fellow pilots!

If you are looking to join a squadron, we are recruiting! Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] is comprised of 8 Squadrons (YES EIGHT), and designed to put you with pilots who stick to one airframe for our Squadron Missions.

We are relaxed however, and do not have limitations of what you fly outside of our Squad Missions!

Right now we are in the building phase, so things are very exciting for us. We would love for you to add to our community in the best way you can - and this goes for beginning level pilots, to the pro-level killers we all aspire to be.

We are currently flying missions as a Task Force, and are practicing flight and radio procedures to handle missions that we run in a realistic and fun manner!

Please check out our website for further information, and if you have any questions, please fire away. https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html and Discord https://discord.gg/RwnNdR9


1. Viggen

2. Mirage

3. Harrier

4. Helicopter - All types.

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Calling all pilots who want to specialize in -


AJS-37 Viggen

M-2000 Mirage

MiG and Sukhoi variants

SA342 Gazelle

Ka-50 Black Shark


Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] is now filling the billets for a Coalition Squadron of said aircraft, to combine with our growing Joint Task Force that is gaining direction and talented members.


Please find our info at https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html, and join our Discord at https://discord.gg/RwnNdR9 for Comms.

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Joint Task Force Heavy [HVY] now has a dedicated server with our own (amazing) mission that we run 24/7!


We are a very structured group of Squadrons that handle all airframes that DCS has to offer. We assign our pilots to a Squadron based on what their primary aircraft is- so we can structure and run missions together. However, you are free to fly anything you want otherwise!


Please check out our site at https://www.jointtaskforceheavy.org/who-is-hvy.html for further information!

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Hi all hope someone can help looking to join team or flight group to further my experiences in DCS .

Have spent some time on DCS now and feel I need to gain experience from other fliers if you can point me in right direction . I am on most WEEKS 3-4 night per week , controls are WART HOG THROTTLE, WART HOG JOY, TPR PEDALS , OCULUS RIFT VR, AND USING ,SRS COMS ASUS 1080 TI FE CARD. Flying p-51 at moment after extensive use with Spitfire , and Huey. pointed in right direction would be helpful I best mention I'm 49 years young .

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