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Issues with task scheduling and programs on boot up

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So, I'm getting pissed off at Windows again. Unheard of, I know.



Using Windows 10, btw. I'm trying to get TrackIR and SimShaker to start on bootup, as I'm prone to forgetting them, and having to start them manually, exit out of game, etc.



They both have tick boxes for this, but neither one works. Simshaker has the box, but it won't tick. TrackIR has the box, it DOES tick, but it doesn't start.



I thought I'd do an end run and go to task scheduler. Create an event called Flight Sims. Que TrackIR and SimShaker to start on boot up, assign them to run with highest privileges. Both files are set as "run as admin". Neither one starts. Running the task manually, Simshaker loads as a process, but does not appear in taskbar or appear to be functioning. TrackIR does not appear to start at all.



Y U NO WORK?!!!! It's not like I'm trying to bend the fabric of space time here, ffs.



The troll formerly known as Zhukov

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I had the same issue with TiR a while back that the tick box wouldnt solve, no matter what I set it to and reboots..



I deinstalled it, rebooted, reinstalled it, works.



I have no idea why the sim shaker wont autostart...google..

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Weird. I don't remember having to start the service for SimShaker. Maybe I was starting it manually, I can't remember unless I'm sitting right in front of the PC. I'll try to check it out this weekend if I get some time.


HW Spec in Spoiler



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Yeah windows 10 , bestest version of windows because the # is bigger than the rest

I cannot wait until windows 11 comes out so I can use the spinal tap joke

of "this one goes to 11" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Up_to_eleven


It is a pity that ED have not yet worked out what some other companies

have in how to hook/unhook from trackir software


eg in another univserse I play a game called amra3 and

IF i forgot to start trackir software up and launch the game I can start trackir software later and

in game toggle it off and on and hey presto it works


Best solution I have for DCS is to start it with a batch file that kills trackir software

then restart trackir software then launches the game


The reason I have a kill then start for trackir is because DCS crashes

and if a game crashes while hooked to trackir software you need to restart it

before it will work


I will post my batch file later

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Win 11 nope next is Win10S the S is for well I leave you to guess. If anyone buys a new comp just remember to ask and check what win OS it has.

Back on topic my TiR is ticked and starts no probs.

I don't have buttkicker sorry.

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