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Teaser Trailer for DCS World:ID4


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Looking at the celebrations of our US friends tomorrow, the 924th vFW in cooperation with Knife Edge Simulations are proud to present the teaser trailer for the upcoming ID4 themed DCS World "modification".


It will include both AI controlled spacecraft and static objects, as well as coop PvE (E stands for aliEn) missions.


We're planning to host events for the community if all goes well, too.


As the development progresses, we'll post updates on /r/hoggit!


"We're going to survive! And today, we are celebrating OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY!"


Check out the DCS Configuration Manager for controls, settings VR and sound device management!


Work in progress: EKRAN - The DCS Discord bot for event management and other fun!


Want to support my work? Click here :pilotfly:

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