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Friendly SADL Networked Members on TAD

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Hello Everybody


I noticed that during during all missions (at least mission 1-6) I can't see Friendly SADL Networked Members on TAD.I'm wspecially missing my own flight for TA and CAS purposes.


There are times wheren I can see them. For example from take-off till WP2. But then they disappear. Occasionally the reappear but then they disappear again.


This makes assigning SPI's for coordinated ground strikes impossible.


Additionally, when the JTAC says "sending data" no data is sent. I can't WILCO or CNTCO. This may derive from the same problem or from another.


Does somebody experience the same obervations? Can ED confirm such a bug, if it's one at all?


Fly safe



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SADL / Data Link is currently Tango Uniform with no word from ED on a fix...


thank you Sir. Well, they're gonna fix it someday like the FLOOD lights.. at least they are efficient in communication. I never saw them spend energy on that

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