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M-2000C Red Flag FEEDBACK

M-2000C Red Flag FEEDBACK  

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I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign, thanks Baltic Dragon.


I think you did very well with the balance and pacing. It's refreshing to NOT be the one hero to save the world, but part of a flight package with mixed abilities, playing a part that suits the aircraft.

It is sadly easy to break the scripted sequences, which either kills immersion or handicaps the mission entirely.

I also loved not being forced to refuel, disable sim assistance settings, or play far beyond my ability.


I didn't realize how important it was to actually form up over Sally. In early missions, I didn't attempt to fly formation or match speed which missed some triggers.


Your radio methodology was workable and somewhat enjoyable. I wouldn't mind it either being more forgiving, or somehow allowing the player to figure out what channel they should be in, if they missed a message or trigger. For example, a warning to switch back to a channel before the message, or a message saying 'you are missing a radio message on channel 7'. I realize you kind-of do that already for most major messages. As there is no chat history or logging system (for this purpose), it is still easy to miss something and there is no 'repeat last' like in real life.


There appeared to be some inconsistency with ATC pattern. Some missions had departure messages, others not. Sometimes the tower or ground would not respond near or after landing. At least once we had to use the F10 menu for this, while normally it was radio + space. Just a bit confusing.


I hope you and DCS developers continue to find ways to make missions more robust.


Overall great effort. I'm looking forward to trying your campaigns for other aircraft. This was my first fixed wing craft.

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On 12/22/2020 at 3:03 AM, Daredevilsl said:

Hi Baltic 


I'm experiencing a problem with mission 8. Packages keep on orbiting over SP2 and they don't proceed! I'm on the right frequency! I've checked on YouTube and i saw what should happen, but it's not happening in my case! Don't know if been mentioned before! 


Thanks in advance 

Hey, could you please create a separate post in bugs section for

that? I’d prefer to keep this one clean with feedback after finishing the campaign. Thanks!

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Thanks for a great campaign. I really enjoyed it.


Lots of interesting, well voiced dialogs that are fun to listen to and really help with the immersion.


I must admit that for me personally, your M2000 Georgia campaign was even better. At times it felt that the complexity of the Red flag missions was pushing the limits of what DCS can do. It was easy to miss a trigger, at times difficult to get my wingman to do anything useful and the somewhat clunky DCS interface just does not help with the workload when dealing with what felt like real world radio procedures. I also hit the DCS AI bugs as described above, which does break the flow of the story.


Still, top notch stuff and a great insight into modern combat aircraft operations!

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Well... It's very difficult for me. I loved the Caucasian campaign, but this one in much harder. For me (french speaking) it's not always clear enough what to do. But, slowly after de 4 first missions I get used to those frequency changes and my M2000 pilot skills raise to!


So I must say : WHAT A GREAT CAMPAIGN AGAIN Baltic Dragon !!!!!


So immersive...




MAX the frenchy, is so funny! A true grumpy froggy. I had to laugh several times about what and how he told stories!


It's just crazy. I cannot imagine how long it must take to achieve such a campaing. I mean coding it, not flying it 🙂


Well, now I'm done in and need a rest after this Red Flag.





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Great campaign. Great immersion. I loved it. Lots of differents targets and stuff to do. A must own for all M2000 pilots.

The amount of work to this type of campaign must be huge. Hats off!


I must say there are some problems with the behaviour of the AI  that can lead to frustration but this is more due to the fact that DCS is changing rapidly and it's not possible to test every aspect of the missions after every update. Anyway Baltic_dragon is here to help or sometimes there are workarounds.

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Thanks, I've just finished the campaign. Really loved it! However my mission score said 0 even though I've rated the campaign with the top answer. I've exited the mission in flight after the credits and the last "thanks for playing" message, was I supposed to continue and land at Phoenix?


Looking forward to the Hormuz mini campaign 🙂

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Just Finished


Thanks for the effort that went into this, Enjoyed it a lot


Couple of issues while playing through

  • Mission 9 Taxi Issue (found workaround in this forum)
  • Mission 15 GBUs kept locking onto a patch of dirt and Wingman wouldn't fire at all (Got one kill so just carried on from there)
  • DRYAD mission: I'm certain the author intended way of decoding Max's coordinates are incorrect to the real life way (once Id realised how you were doing it though, I found Max easily)
  • Personal pet peeve, continuous misuse of "lose" and "loose" in briefings and Subtitles (not major)
  • On mission 15 the French speaking pilots make a joke about how the Americans are going to mispronounce Ypres; then, I'm sure, continue to mispronounce it themselves for the whole mission. 😆(Again Not a major issue)


If you ever go back to update this campaign, something I would have made use of was a inHg to mbar conversion sheet in the kneepad documents







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