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Standing Call for Voice Actors


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More new DCS campaigns are nearing completion and we could always use your help with voice overs. Projects will be wrapping up throughout the year so feel free to respond at any time if interested.


Speaking parts range anywhere from one or two lines of ‘pilot speak’ to a couple hundred lines of dialogue as shown below. The campaigns generally replicate either modern USAF/Coalition or WWII European Theater operations so any English language accent will likely be a fit.


If you are interested in being part of this, please record the following lines and send an audio file to bunyapsims@gmail.com, or just point me in the direction of other work you have done:



“Ford 1, Control, loud and clear.”


“Ford 1, straight in simulated flameout approved, report 10 mile simulated flameout final, runway 32.”



If you are interested in one of the larger parts, please include these as well:


“All players, Magic, pre-push briefing. Full up war. Words alpha, Ford 1 mission cancel. Current picture, single group, bullseye 284 for 28, 25,000 feet. Lowdown, Spoon Rest active bullseye 047 for 3, Dog Ear active bullseye 288 for 10.”


“Take a position right line abreast at about 9,000 feet range. I will be the attacker. I will call for a 50 degree check turn to the right to put myself on an offensive perch. Reverse your turn at my ‘reverse’ call then maneuver at will at my ‘fight’s on’ call. We will terminate after either two kills or we approach the 12,000 foot hard deck.”



This is done simply to get an idea of how to divide up the parts. These projects are done for enjoyment by all involved so I can guarantee a part to anybody who wants to participate. There is no pressure and no prior experience required.


Again, projects will be wrapping up throughout the year so feel free to respond at any time if you would like to help out.




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