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Using a custom Livery

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Hey everyone


How can use the same paint scheme, in any server I join, and have others be able to see that paint scheme?



Thanks in advance.

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The server needs to have the paint scheme installed.

General 3D modeling thread and reference sites

UK liveries for planes, ships and MODS.

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Technically, the server does not HAVE to have the skin, but is helpful in order for all that do have the skin to see it under all conditions. THE most important factor is that each client that wants to see the skin has it.


IF each client has the skin and they are all on the server at the same time when the a/c with the skin initially loads, the skin will be seen whether the server has it or not. IF another client with the skin comes on later AFTER the person with it is already in the aircraft, he will NOT see the skin IF it is not on the server as well.


May seem like a minor distinction, but it depends on the type of online activity you do. Still, yes, it is better that all parties involved, including the server, have the custom skin installed.

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