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Info on TCN and "balls/dot" on hud

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Hello there,


I was practicing my carrier landing but in pretty bad condition (visibility).


I was struggling to be aligned with the deck even if I did set up the course.


So i've few questions about tacan, course and "balls/ dot " on hud.


What are representing the dot/ball on the HUD?


In the perfect scenario of alignement and so on, how those 3 parameters should appear on the hud (arrow course, dots & speed vector)? aligned not aligned etc...


Thank you for the help!



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Remember, if you set up the carrier course for your carrier TACAN that the runway on the carrier is offset about 15 degrees nose left, so the carrier course if followed, will never properly align you with the centre line.


The arrow and dots in the HUD represent the carrier (or general TACAN) course as entered by you. The dots each side of the velocity vector (small circle with 3 short lines extending from it in your HUD) represent your position in terms of deviation from the chosen course line. I think off the top of my head it's 2 & 4 degrees respectively.


So, if the arrow is pointing exactly forward and perfectly in the centre of your VV, you're on the correct course line. Remember that course and heading are not the same thing. Course is the desired track line to the TACAN and your heading is the direction that your aircraft is pointing in. The direction that your aircraft is actually travelling across the ground or sea may vary from the heading if you have a cross-wind component.

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