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How to update to 2.5


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Could anyone please point me to a guide to updating to 2.5 stable from 1.5 stable? I just want to know if I can make a new folder with any name anywhere on the drive DCS is on and get the updater to save a copy of 1.5 there, when I select to keep a copy of 1.5. Also do I delete the options.lua file in 1.5 then update or do the update then delete it from 2.5?





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I've put all the update options with pictures in this thread ozTRipwiRE.


You can do it through Win commands, As jaxx za has pointed out with that link above, if using win 10 see this post for using win power shell / cmd. There are other easier ways also.



In your case I would just keep 1.5 and install 2.5 brand new using the links HERE on the DCS website (Hornet will be on 2.5 beta). DCS will copy files from 1.5 if needed when installing. That's the nice clean? Proper way.... :)



Another way would be to just copy the whole 1.5 Eagle Dynamics folder and pasted it on C:\ drive


C:\Eagle Dynamics\ etc


Then update that one to 2.5 or 2.5 beta, leaving 1.5 where it is now.


DCS is not controlled by Windows when installing, it's used for licensing. I.E you don't need to re license multiple DCS installs.


You can pretty much copy and paste DCS anywhere on your PC, redo the links and launch that new install. DCS Links are found in the bin folder.


Location whatever

C:\???????\???????\DCS World\bin

D:\???????\DCS World\bin


DCS_updater.exe (Launch DCS and check for updates)

DCS.exe (Launch DCS NO updates)


This DCS build and new location can now be manipulated to be whatever version you want using all THESE different ways. See how SkateZilla's DCS Updater Utility has install locations for / release / beta / alpha / 2 custom builds etc.

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