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There is a coin given to people who attended the maiden flight of block 3 and it shows a cheek pod, I’ll see if I can find the photo of it I saved 

Flying around with Jeff I really wish for one thing - that it would have a cheek station for TPOD a la F-16. That would allow for more flexible loadouts.

So after talking to Dragon Jockey for a bit he showed me what looks to me to be an authentic picture of a JF-17 in flight with EEGS on the HUD without lock. Minor differences from Viper but symbology

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Outstanding work, guys !

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Lead 3D Artist - TrueGrit Virtual Technologies



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New video on Facebook.


Text below reads "Hello everyone, we will be updating our progress with some images and a ILS landing video here.


One of our main focus in recent month is the UFCP, which is the main input device for important systems such as navigation and IFF.


DTC card settings including IFF, navigation and countermeasures will be presented in game configs, and you'll be loading it to the aircraft

systems during preflight, otherwise most of the systems will receive no preset data and will be rendered unusable. A wrong IFF encoding key may even get you killed as we implemented some rudimentary IFF procedures.


We're planning to launch our early access product in summer 2019 if nothing goes wrong."



In my opinion looking good so far. Obviously you guys are putting a lot of work into this. It'll be interesting to see some more of the weapons systems in operation (when you are ready to show it of course).

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The Chinese New Year vacation is over.

We need to get our dev back on track now. Thing's under alignment.

A question: you want us FAST or GC? ;)







Both :smilewink:

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English is not my native language

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