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Show your Flight set up :D

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Cheap And Cheerful.


Hey Guys, thought i'll post up the latest incarnation of my pit. The LCD on the left is a 19inch Belinea and the CRT to the right is the largest "TINY" monitor i've ever seen :megalol:, its a (if thats their tiny, i hate to think what their large is!)



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Hi :D





(The pics slightly old, have now got 2x8800GTX and the Crucial has been replaced with 4x2Gb Reaper X 1066mhz) and the motherboard was upgraded to the 780i (evga promotion)


My Main rigs specs


Q9450 @ 3.6Ghz

8Gb Reaper X (4x2gb 1066mhz)

BFG 8800 GTX SLI (With HR-03 cooler)

eVGA 780i

2X24" Monitors

Logitech G25

Saitek X52 Pro (in the post :D (main reason ive joined))

Logitech G15

Logitech G25

Creative G500 THX 5.1 (Upgraded to Z-5500, pics to follow)

Corsair PSU

Antec P182se case

X-Fi Xtrememusic

LG Blu-ray rewriter with HD-DVD reading.


Ill post more pictures Later

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is that the X52 Pro? Mine is on its way :D :D :D Does it have LEDS like the cheaper version?


Bloody bastards decided not to deliver the parcel today, so a wait is on :(



(Coming in Post, Z-5500 to upgrade from G500, X52 Pro, Canon 400D with some lens, 16gb Compact flash)



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Done some minor updates, perhaps you can spot it :music_whistling:

Still keeping it as compact as possible.


This setup is of course for FSX flying. Hauling iron :)





My touchbuddy setup, the panel on the right is mostly used with FSX.

That panel will be rebuilt in a couple of weeks when I get some new rotary cards to play with :D along with my CH throttle.






FSX setup in the dark






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Yes, i use a Beamer for Racing.


No worries I use my beamer for racing, flight, movies and surfing the net (I have great eyesight really)!




Above is the link to my simpit in its old digs and config.

Heres the new and improved (only slightly improved) pit in its new digs that is Hitchs home theater/Office/Sim & Gaming room:


I mounted the pit to an old cubicle tabletop and added castor wheels for easy moving and I also

re-routed the wiring to be a bit neater. The wiring looks good but this morning the mouse didnt work (gotta unwire that now arrrgggh!)


I remounted the joystick to be in a better sturdier spot I still have to adjust a few things though with the ergonomics.


I mounted the Buttkicker Gamer I got under the seat. The tactile feedback translates well throughout the pit so you feel the gun shaking and flak bursts as well as the feel of the engines running. The new spot for the joystick gets a much better effect than the previous spot it was mounted.


You gotta have a spot for 7 USB devices soon to be eight.


This would be the eighth device. It used to be my old Logitech Wingman joystick that I hacked apart and soldered in new buttons. Right now its got 7 pushbuttons and in the end will have 4 (on)off(on) momentary toggles for 8 more buttons and I have to get some potentiometers for the 4 axes that will be added. I'll probably mount it behind my throttle and use it for engine managment controls.

Now the new diggs:


Every home theater need seating. sorry for the mess the rooms still a work in progress.


The new screen (well new used) it doesnt retract anymore but thats ok I'm gonna add some curtains around it to give that movie theater look you may be able to see the speakers mounted in there eventually I'll run the wiring through the ceiling.


Same thing on the wiring for the projector I'm gonna run it thru the ceiling. I'd would have done it already but its spooky up there! This dude is on his last leg, I'm amazed that the lamp hasnt given out yet (rated for 2000 hrs/ has almost 4000 hrs) it was a great value.


New set up fits right into the corner just like I planned (good thing I measured last lol).


My custom desk in the closet. The monitor floats on a swing arm and everything else sits on a glass top. Looks a lot nicer when its picked up again sorry for the mess. Everything that runs thru the ceiling will eventually meet here with no wires showing (hopefully). Yes my computer chair is an ottoman........ great for the back!


Not sure if I ever showed it in this thread!

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