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where is the "start switch"

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for the love of god, where is the "start switch", other than the HOME key on my keyboard?


your manual doesn't have any other reference for this switch... it just does not exist!


also, do you know that the manual describes a completely different procedure than the one you give in the cold start tutorial?

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Our UH1 is special and has no stater trigger modeled. Have no idea why they did this. Many things in/on the UH1 are wrong from an art perspective. I hope Belsim revisits this module and fixes these things.

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The collective in DCS is slightly different to the real thing (and even then there are differences between operators) but lemoen is right its a trigger on the bottom of the collective.


Start procedures are kind of a guideline or up to operator's SOP. IRL, the RNZAF Huey had a lot longer start procedure than what is referenced in either, and you had to use "patter" which are specific words to say when things happen like "15, rotors away..30, EGT XXX%..40, starters out" for the crew.


Ultimately there are only a few switches you have to make to start it.

Bat, main gen, inverter, main fuel, hyd cont, force trim, fuel all on

Roll the throttle to max and back to the stop

Hold the start button until NG 40 then starter gen to stby

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Roll the throttle to max and back to the stop

Except that you can't roll the throttle to the max with a stick you have to use the keyboard with page up, right? The collective stick is disabled until you unlock it...

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I think we are talking about the unlock button of the throttle (currently 'Page Up') and not the 'Start' Push Button which poses no problem.


nope, he referenced the HOME key.

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