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Wags, You're Makin' Me Nervous!!

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This is all awesome news!!! I didn't realize we had confirmation of a new S-3, hose and basket physics! This really made my week thank you ED!

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I see broken canopy glass in my future...

Ties in with my question: will the basket cause damage to an aircraft?


That thump against the side of the fuselage or canopy would be spectacular!


Is it a possibility that the basket be swallowed by the engine? :helpsmilie:

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Does this mean we wont be able to do this anymore?



Hmm, didnt save the time spot, jump to around 3:30 for quicker access....


Haha. I remember that video. Yeah, I think that could get more difficult in the future. :D

Steve (Slick)


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I can see where the basket is no longer "clippable," where your probe will clip through the basket and attach to the hose. I think that will be a welcome change and one that will add more difficulty to the AAR process.

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Awesome stuff, hopefully this will applies to other tankers.


Hopefully the basket physics will mean damage to probes, damage to aircraft etc.


Oh there will be screams...

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I didn't realise we were getting new hose and basket physics - incredible news.

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As mentioned earlier, I'm holding off on an AAR video until the new S-3 and refueling pod is ready, as well as the new hose and basket physics.




Oh WOW! I didn't see this mentioned before! That is super cool! No more hexagon shaped hi-bypass engines on the S-3!



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Wow! Great news about the S-3!


I am just going to say that making this a full flyable module would be pretty amazing as well...


I can't wait to see the new AAR! Thank you!

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Cool, I was talking about having this a few months ago and a lot of people agreed. Maybe ED have taken this on board (or maybe it was their intention all along). Either way I’ve been looking forward to having this for ages. And a new S-3!! Superb

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As mentioned earlier, I'm holding off on an AAR video until the new S-3 and refueling pod is ready, as well as the new hose and basket physics.




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This is pretty awesome news. I wonder if ripping the basket and/or hose off the tanker will ever be implemented. Haha I can already see the basket tangled on my probe and the hose whipping all over the place.


regardless, whatever improvements do come of this are much appreciated!

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With all this new physics modeled for AAR, the one getting nervous should be Wags:D


Man, I would have palmed off all these techniques to one of the Navy pilots and just do the voice over, you should save and compile a bloopers reel too.


What pressure? it's only going to be many USN personnel watching;)



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