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Wingmen with heart


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Anyone else notice that if you lose an engine in the su33, probably same for all others, that your AI wingmen turn off theirs in sympathy. Greater love hath no wingman than to turn off his engine for his buddy.....sheesh !


Would love to know who drew up the spec for AI behaviour because that guy has a real sense of humour.

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well, i think the wing man is designed to match your menovers and such almose exactally, thus, the engine is shut off to match you.

DCS Wishlist: 1) FIX THE DAMN RIVERS!!! 2) Spherical or cylindrical panorama view projection. 3) Enhanced input options (action upon button release, etc). 4) Aircraft flight parameter dump upon exit (stick posn, attitude, rates, accel, control volume, control-surface positions, SAS bias, etc). 5) ADS-33 maneuver courses as static objects. 6) Exposed API or exports of trim position and stick force for custom controllers. 7) Select auto multiple audio devices

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Yes that's well said monotwix ... LOL And your right, the AI behavior has been a sore spot since the release of Lock On.. They've actually done a lot of work improving it but it really does have a long ways to go in becoming even close to being realistic ...


So yes Ed is aware of the issues believe me, they've been told about it many times..


And personally I would really like to see this fixed, as well as implementing a DC..As I fly exclusively offline, and a lot of us do...


So I think that we should see some improvements somewhere down the line...






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