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Static Object or Fortification spawning invisible


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When spawning in a static object or a fortification object, it is spawned in invisibly when doing so through a multiplayer server.


The units are shown on the F-10 but are not shown in the 3D world.

Logs didn't indicate any issue.

Was spawning both with http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/DCS_func_addGroup

and with http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/DCS_func_addStaticObject

Both showed the above issue.


Let me know if you need further information, this is affecting our Blue Flag mission severely as we have many static and fortification units which are spawned invisible.

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There's a new Open Beta update effective this morning, 2.5.1. Here are the notes to check: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3463558#post3463558

Steve (Slick)


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the problem still exists.

I did some tests today, using the FLIR I can not see static objects up to a distance of 9nm.

If I use a static object also present on vehicle/Fortification, the object can be seen from 30nm, if I use the same object that is in static object it will be visible only from 9nm. The thing is very worrying ... I can not even see the FARP at 10nm

Now more than a month I have this problem with the A10c FLIR.


Greetings, Duster.

Edited by Duster



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