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Training mission issue: Kh29t missiles won't lock on

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The kh-29t missile needs to be used in well-lit conditions to achieve its effective range.

Although it can be used in low-light environments, the distance to lock the target is much shorter.

It is usually too close to the target to hit successfully.

During the training session, your questions did not arise because the light was sufficient.

In low-light environments you can choose other weapons that work well for you.

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I would like to say, whilst ED have their own time table as to what gets priority and when things get fixed, I also have my own priorities and preferences....


Regards, Ian.





Appreciate the response Ian, but the most annoying this is...



1)Affects all


2) Show stopper for new comers.

3) Multiple complaints

4) Easily reproduced

5) Easily fixed (wind mission time forward an hour or 2)

6) I've submitted a report through the official bug report form *including* a fixed .MIZ -- would have been well over a year ago now.



There are probably process and procedures in place, but at some point someone at ED has to wake up and think hey, we know we're shipping faulty training missions and we've been handed a fix on a platter, let's use it.



I've submitted sever other issues well over a year ago now, all with good notes, effecting all users that want to use training missions in DCS World and Flaming Cliffs, easily reproducible, often with a replacement .MIZ


Many have been acknowledged, but nothing has been done.

Trivial stuff like gate height in a Su-25T training mission, i assume it broke with the new caucuses map release (gates were set above MSL, my .MIZ sets them AGL and tweaks to ensure transition from gate to gate is smooth.

Not a single gate needed moving except for a minor tweak to the last gate to line up with the target, just height adjustments.



The issue in this thread, consider Joe Blow trying DSC World WILL encounter these issues. Makes it a bad intro to DCS, and will loose customers.


I can understand these not getting priority if they needed investigating, but given i have submitted several tested fixes over a year ago some large gains can be made to put 90% of these issues to bed in less than an afternoon of work.



Sure you could test them, validate them etc... but if time is an issue then let's just be realistic, DCS is shipping faulty missions, take a chance on dropping in untested but well documented replacements from an enthusiastic community. Risk assessment - worst case scenario, doing nothing means continuing with known faulty mission, if offered fix has some obscure fault then no net loss, best case, training mission is now able to be completed, new and/or returning users happy.



If they still have the .MIZ see if you can get them to drag / drop / ship it in the next release.







As far as communications go it would be great to see a new ticketing system where we can see bugs submitted by others.

Even git hub would be better than what er have.

There is an enthusiastic community that would be more than happy to both report on, attempt fix for and test these training missions at no cost to DCS.



The bugs themselves don't bother me so much as the trivial nature of fixing them being passed over.

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I saw the mission is highly improved.

The trick is for Kh-29T is the adjustment of the target box size. I successfully AC locked the MBT and deployed that missile.


But I failed with the KAB-500Kr, with AC lock guided bomb fallen in unguided mode.

I tried several times to wait for launch authorization, but bomb not launched. Minimum and maximum ranges overlapped almost every time.

Then I pushed weapon release early and hold, then bomb released in unguided mode.

(No track, LastMissionTrack.trk not saved by DCS)

EDIT:KAB-500Kr case solved, need to use above 1500m and wait for Launch Authorize

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