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Just cannot air-refuel


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One thing I would like to ask in this thread. X52 has hall sensors which are magnetic and dont have contact surfaces which can be worn out with time. Then how does an ageing controller loose accuracy.


Secondly, anyone can guide what is a curve and how to set it.

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I use an S curve at 45 (in the DCS axis tuner), works fine. It also helps if your throttle's a touch sticky.




Very Interesting...


I'm not sure I could get used to non-linear throttle response, but it's certainly worth playing with.





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For AAR it's really important to be aware that even if you are trimmed, trottles and pitch are linked.. let me explain:

if you add a little power your plane will go faster more air will flow on your wings, more lift will be created so your nose will go up. the opposite is true if you reduce power.




if you keep the same power setting on the throttoles but you pull on the stick you'll slow down and move aft from the tanker a little bit. the opposit is true if you push on the stick you'll speed up and move forward in relation to the tanker.


So lets say you are at a good distance from the tanker longitudinally but you are a little bit too low. don't just pull on the stick to go higher because you'll start lagging behind. when you pull on the stick add power momentarily. when you push on the stick reduce power momentarily.

Same if you want to move forward in relation to the tanker: when you add power push down on the stick just a tad to compensate the extra lift created. pull up a tad on the stick if you want to go aft when you reduce power to compensate for less lift created by your wings due to lower airspeed.

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