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Mission 6 - Hellraiser don't want exfil


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Hi Ranger.


I'm fliing this amazing campaign, but in mission 6 I found something wrong.



After distruction of enemy convoy coming from south, Delta Teams (reactivated ones) go to exfil 1 & 2 LZ but both Hellraiser's don't come to get them, and still wait on the ground north-west of AO.

Message: "HELLRAISER Flight, DELTA-1, we are Oscar Mike to EXFIL locations west of the Target AO on the main road, DELTA-1 Out." is shown.

Ranger's HMMWV are both alive and no enemy units are in Bagdati.

Vulture 3 is hovering west of AO.

(Tacview record seen)



Tried more times and waited more than an hour after Delta reactivation (in time accelerated mode).


DCS Version:

I'm doing something wrong?

How can I unlock this situation, please?



EDIT: only seen now that it is already posted.

I'm sorry for the repetition.

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Brontolo VIAF

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