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We need an OV-10 bronco and your the guys to do it!

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Depends on whether or not they can get the information required! Could be a really cool little plane to fly around though. I will say that I think the Super Tocano fits in better with the more modernish setting especially with the newly announced Afganistan map



Spudknocker DCS World YouTube Channel!!


RTX 2080 Ti - i7-7700K - 32GB RAM - DCS on 1TB EVO 970 M.2 SSD - Logitech X56 HOTAS

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And a very nice plane with superb flight characteristics!

A Vietnam model would be good to start.

HP pro Reverb.

Current settings:

Windows VR setting: IPD is 64.5mm, High image quality, 90Hz refresh rate.

Steam: VR SS set to 100%, motionReprojectionMode set to "motionreproduction" and Locked in at 45 Hz display,

DCS: Pixel Density 1.0, Forced IPD at 55 (perceived world size), 2 X MSAA, 0 X SSAA.

My real IPD is 64.5mm. Prescription VROptition lenses installed.

VR Driver system:

I9-9900KS 5Ghz CPU. XI Hero motherboard and 2080ti graphics card, 32 gigs Ram 3


[/code][/code][/code][/code]200 Hz. No OC at the mo.

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One of the coolest things it did was dropping 3 troops out the back. They practiced this all the time. Please please model this if you make this bird.


My vote would be for desert storm version ( long nose) and the Vietnam (short nose). Have you ever seen the dirt strips they would take off in nam? Awesome!


Thanks for considering.

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The gears are moving, there is a new guy who is checking stuff up...at his pace, no rushes, so whenever something comes out i´ll post it here, just keep the hype under control, it can take a long time since A. is not a priority (sorry for this guys, i´m just being honest here) B. It´s up to the person who accepted the task (his time, his priorities).

On the bright side, it does not affect in any way current scheduled projects(which are all moving)

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