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Reduce jaggies and improve FPS, guaranteed

Mars Exulte

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First, disable AA, to boost frames. Possibly lower resolution as well. You won't need these after the update.


Lower all graphic settings to medium to further boost frames if desired.


Apply "graphical update"



Approximately twenty minutes after you begin applying the update, you will notice the edges of textures/models will smooth. Continue applying update until you reach the desired level of graphical fidelity or you experience a hard crash.


Very important you note the number of updates you apply as you go, so when you do experience the hard crash, you can dial it back one step next time. This is the "sweet spot". Kind of like overclocking.



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I'm not a high enough level to unlock this ability, though I've heard international versions have a lower level requirement

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I haven't noticed much change to the texture details, but for some reason my next door neighbour seems to have gotten skinnier and prettier

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