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For next Black Shark movie, what do you want to see..?

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Maybe quite OT, but I've just made LOCK ON DIVX CHANNEL where you can find few previous GA movies and others, and more to come in the future.

Check it out:




I'd love to find additional admins to maintain it. So TekaTeka, if you are still alive and kicking (I know you already have Stage6 account) I'd love to have you there as admin.

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The reason why these Russians never fiish making the planes.. they are too busy dreaming about these:




(the whole URL does not become clickalbe here (for some dumb reason), so just copy and paste it..)


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So much stuff has happend lately that i haven't been able to do much work on the movie, sorry :(


I'll try to squeeze in time to make a good movie for you all to enjoy, i promise :)


Sorry to keep you all waiting.

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if it hasn't been mentioned already


GA, please add scenes from the cockpit where you are stalking a convoy, perhaps, then unmasking from behind some trees, and targeting lead vehicles, then those in the rear; all in a mountain pass. maybe make the attack on the convoy a team effort, no solo work unles that suits you. basically demonstrate BS from the cockpit view, attacking while using the terrain to mask your approach. that'll blow my shorts off for sure! :D

Flyby out

PS be sure to add convoy defenses too, maybe even some nuisance manpads? ;)

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Hurray for GA!!! :D a better good sport never orbited a brighter sun! (well at least none that lived to tell the tale, that I know of! :) )

you're keeping us on the edge of our seats, GA. Best movie yet? omg!!

Flyby out

The U.S. Congress is the best governing body that BIG money can buy. :cry:

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Let's just say i'm taking it a bit step further than "Furious Angels" :)


Oh noes you are using the version of the song with lyrics?!?

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mmm.. sound's interesting GA !


Yeah, at one point i was worried that it's already been used by other movie makers. But i have yet to see ANY game-movie made with this music.


There's a trailer for a movie coming soon which uses the same music that i'm using though... ;)

I think it really fits my footage...


Can't wait to finish this movie guys. It's looking good. (IMO of course...)

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