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Must have mods when 2.5 is Released

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I started playing DCS again after a few years and I was wondering when 2.5 is released what would still be the must have mods to have?


Or does every mod need to update first to be compatible with 2.5?

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VR must have

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My opinion is that probably all mods will be working with v2.5.

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My opinion is that probably all mods will be working with v2.5.
I hope and it's perfect because it's really hard to have DCS without all our Mods.
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Hard to say without having tested 2.5 yet.


The only mods I really use are Moltar's Sound Mod Pack...I believe ED is reworking the sounds (or making it possible for the devs to), if I'm remembering correctly. That might eliminate the need for all of those sound mods...but I'm not sure how immediate that will be available; on launch or down the road.



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This question is impossible to answer. First of all, the definition of "must have mods" is highly subjective. Some people can't live without new terrain textures, some need flyable AI aircraft with FC3 cockpits, and some need custom aircraft liveries.


Stuff like flyable AI aircraft or new ground units (e.g. upuauts cargo mod) often need updates when going from one subrevision to anoher (1.5.5 to 1.5.7 etc etc). Terrain textures will most likely not work at all, due to the new/updated terrain mesh. Skins made for 1.5.x will need new SPEC and RoughMet files to work properly with the new PBR lighting engine. Sound mods will most likely work as before.

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Actually IMO 2.5 will be a great moment to start clean, vanilla install. Then maybe add some personalized configuration:


1. The view configuration, maintain same FOV across all aircrafts, disable the zoom-out effect at start, same min/max "zoom". (my personal, priority 1 must have)

2. Additional, (Hotas) 2 and 3 way switches bindings for TM Warthog

3. Kneeboards



1. Cockpits

Not using too many this days as

a.) vanila ones are quite great (and Mi-8 got great black, english cockpit from Devrim :thumbup:)

b.) the manuals mostly use the native language cockpit naming


2. Liveries

Also not using too many as for the most time I prefer the missions with disabled external view.


After 2.5 I would stay away from:

1. 1.5.x ground texture mods - obviously not applicable anymore

2. Sound mods - due to new, improved sound engine.

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