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Viggen Red Flag 16-2 Campaign Sample

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Thank you very much for your interest in this new Red Flag 16-2 campaign! This time, we are placing you in the role of a US Air Force exchange pilot that is flying an AJS-37 Viggen for the Swedish Air Force.


To give you a taste of this campaign, we are offering you the first three missions as a free sample. Mission 1 covers your arrival at Nellis AFB, and mission 2 is an orientation flight of the NTTR Range area. These, in conjunction with detailed briefings, will familiarize you with the airspace, and prepare you for the missions that follow.


Mission 3 is your first 'full up' Red Flag mission, placing you within a full large force exercise (LFE) package. This third mission is representative of the missions that follow in the full campaign.


To fly this campaign sample, please save the following files to C:\Users\Xxxxxx\Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Missions folder. They will then be available for selection in DCS: World by going to the Missions menu and selecting My Missions.



Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3



The campaign introduction and mission briefings are attached below. The full campaign also includes a lineup card for quick reference in flight and two high resolution maps of the route.



Mission 1 Briefing

Mission 2 Briefing

Mission 3 Briefing




We hope you enjoy this free sample, and the full campaign is available here if you would like to continue with the rest of the campaign:











Viggen Mission 1 Briefing.pdf

Viggen Mission 2 Briefing.pdf

Viggen RF Introduction.pdf



Viggen Mission 3 Briefing.pdf


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Thats awesome idea. Thank you!




Btw Bunyap its been ages since you uploaded your last video. I even thought something happened to you. I still come back to your videos once in a while.

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Very welcome idea - I'll definitely check these out and pick up the full campaign if it's my flavour.

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Dear bunyap Your campaign is payware. Ik don't like the idea to give away three missions. I buy all things from ED too get ED more evolved. Make it freeware if you give missions away. Payment for payware. Thanks for understanding.

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Dear bunyap Your campaign is payware. Ik don't like the idea tot give away three missions. I buy all things from ED too get ED more evolved. Make it freeware if you give missions away. Payment for payware. Thanks for understanding.


Dude, he's giving away three missions for the sake of giving us a demo, two of which are just orientation flight type stuff. It's less than a third of the whole campaign. How is this wrong?


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Hey Bunyap I was excited for this dlc as I had nothing to do with the viggen in a while. Picked up the campaign Friday. Got past the first two missions. Do you plan on doing videos of these?


Was just checking your channel last night, always enjoyed your explanations and detail you go into. It would be helpful for these misisons.

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Nice one!

Ofc even more immersive and believable would have been to include some proper liveries ...


Beautiful Livery .. I cant seem to find it ... by any chance, do you have a download link?

Thanks a lot


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A new version of mission 3 is posted above with some changes to help streamline the flow of radio calls and make tracking of threats as you ingress more manageable. See this post for an example of what I mean: 'Allied Flight Reports' and the Red Flag Campaign


I also took some of the teeth out of the defenses near the target itself, mainly to allow your wingman to make his attack without being disrupted. He has more common sense than us sometimes and aborts his attack under certain conditions, one of which being AAA firing at him from directly ahead. He will also abort his run if friendly aircraft are near his target when he is ready to fire so be sure you are at least 30 seconds behind Dodge 2 as briefed. Also, stay aware of your own position during the attack and maintain spacing to ensure you not flying in your own wingman's line of sight!


To compensate and keep it challenging, some of the SEAD targeting was randomized to allow a longer range SAM or two to occasionally come into play.


As always, be sure to check this forum post for tips and feel free to add your own! ------> Campaign Documentation and Tips

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This is an awesome campaign, having played it halfway thru so far - I just wanted to stop by and say thanks! :thumbup:


It really showcases that there are many ways of doing a good campaign.


I enjoyed the AJS37 Viggen introduction campaing 'Mjölnir' because of its rather short and precise missions focusing on a single aspect of a Viggen, missions mostly revolving around the single task you are doing.


But this is almost complete opposite.


Huge & long missions with long mission descriptions, and you're just one part of a bigger picture. But those are the things I really enjoyed in this campaign! Mission briefings really walk you thru the whole mission, you have lot on your plate but you can certainly manage that with the help of mission briefing PDF's. The campaign conveys the scale of a large operation really nicely and the longer flight times makes the missions have more 'weight' to them as you can't simply restart on a moments notice, you want to succeed. You don't feel less important though - you still want to achieve your important part of the mission (and on time!).


So thanks - can't wait to see what you come up next! :thumbup:

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