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DCS 2.2 Crashes - ONLY with Viggen


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everytime I want to select AJS-37 in a MP mission (or quick mission or anything else with viggen) my games crashes.

Is it a known issue? Can I do something about it? I wasnt able to play the AJS-37 since the release of 2.2 :(.


Thank you

PC Specs: i5-4690K (SilentiumPC Fera 2),MSI GTX-1070, MSI GAMING 5 Z97, 4x4Gb DDR3 1866Mhz CL9 Hyper X,ZALMAN 600W, 120Gb SSD, 240Gb SSD, 1Tb HDD, 1st 27´ BenQ GL2760 2nd ASUS VH222, HOTAS Warthog, Saitek rudder paddles

Most hours (from most to least) on Mig-21Bis, Ka-50, F/A-18C, Mirage 2000C, A-10C, AJS-37, F-14B, UH-1H, Mi-8MTV2 and the rest

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