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Target scripting: using national Keyboard layout

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Is there a way to make Target use keys from the German Keyboard layout?


My script is this:

MapKey(&Joystick, H1U, R_CTL+USB[0x51]);

Which is a down arrow. - I need the german "ö"

"ö" is 0x51 in the defines.tmh for the ASCG Layout...

i've tried 2x51 since ASCG is ID 2 but that does not work.


is there any way to make Target use the German layout for this command? (or by default)




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Ok so it seems like TARGET shows me some bull**** regarding my programming...


    MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSU, USB[0x22], USB[0x36]);
   MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSD, USB[0x20], USB[0x2d]); 
   MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSR, USB[0x1F], USB[0x33]); 
   MapKeyIO(&Throttle, CSL, USB[0x21], USB[0x37]); 


TARGET, DCS and Windows 10 all have different understandings of what those keys mean...


Target tells me something that is totally wrong (and doesn't even fit to any Keyboard layout)

Windows 10 tells me the German Interpretation (which would be correct because it's german)

DCS knows the Codes i put in Target and is the only one to interpret the values correctly like i entered them...

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