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KA-50 and no cockpit wiew........:(

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Not what I bought!! Just bought the KA-50 and I cant come In to cockpit! Whats wrong! Ore give me money back, and keep your DCS sim fore your self! :mad:



You need to provide more information ... if you want to get help with the issue. Or ... keep it for yourself - but then also keep your attitude for yourself.


First, which DCS version are you using?


You purchased the KA-50 module - what did the Module Manager of DCS say about the module when you start DCS? Did the Module Manager even ran the installation process for it?


If yes, which mission did you start to get into the helo? Post the DCS.log file (in C:\Users\<your-windows-user>\Saved Games\DCS\log\DCS.log ) here. You may need to put it into a .ZIP file first, though.

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