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Server dissapears from list - but still running fine 1.5.8 latest beta


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Something appears to be wrong with server reporting with the 1.5.8 beta


1. Launch DCS beta 1.5.8, go to MP screen you see lots of servers listed

2. Click new server set public server etc and start new MP server

3. On another PC start DCS 1.5.8, go to MP your server is listed there

4. Connect to server, all is well and it works. Disconnect

5. Wait several hours (eg 12), go to client PC start DCS

go to MP screen , the server you connect to earlier is NOT listed

6. Connect to server host PC (using RDP, teamviewer etc), server is still running ok

7. On server host PC in DCS click disconnect, MP server stops and you are at MP screen ...... no server at all are listed??????


Is anyone else wondering why their server is not populated because it is NOT showing in the list

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METAR weather for DCS World missions


Guide to help out new DCS MOOSE Users -> HERE

Havoc Company Dedicated server info Connect IP:

SRS enabled - freqs - Main = 243, A2A = 244, A2G = 245

Please contact me HERE if you have any server feedback or METAR issues/requests

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