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Quansit Hut Textures - Grey and Black ?


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I apologize if this has already been mentioned but I cannot find any related posts/threads.


I have recently noticed problems with the Quansit Hut Textures in DCS 1.5 OB.

I'm not sure how long the issue has existed but it has NOT been very long. Probably within the last month or so at most.


The quansit huts are all metal (arc roof) and generally (in real life) are simply silver or grey because they are built with Galvanized Steel.

However, in DCS 1.5 OB these buildings have been both grey and black.

The black is patchy ... that is, it is visible for different, nonsensical areas of the buildings. Mostly on one end of the buildings.


It is very distracting because the black really stands out and often looks like a vehicle from a distance.

Furthermore, while looking in FLIR (day or night) it looks like part of the building is giving off a heat signature which also can be mistaken for vehicles.


I have included a screenshot or rather and edited Part of a Screenshot that was NOT taken to illustrate this issue. But I'm sure it will suffice to show the problem.

Hopefully ED is already aware of this issue and/or are able to resolve it soon.

Thanks in Advance.



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