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Tarawa parking/TO spot bug...

Capn kamikaze

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  • 3 weeks later...

Adding that this occurs also with player/client helos spawned on the tarawa.




Add an Mi-8 or Huey to the Tarawa.


Set "Take off from parking hot"


You will spawn right about where the lead AC in the photo is.


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  • 4 weeks later...

Getting a similar issue. LHD will only spawn one aircraft at a time regardless of how many aircraft are set to take off. Also, regardless of whether its set to takeoff from runway, hot spot, or parking, it only spawns a single aircraft and only in the same spot as the lead aircraft in OP's photo (i.e. floating over the water off the deck).


I also noticed in the editor there are only four spots listed under all categories. There should realistically be 10 helicopter "hot spots" i.e. can take off from that spot, three "harrier" spots for Short Take Off, and 12-14 "parking" spots. I understand this may be hard to implement since many of the spots on LHAs/LHDs are T/M/S specific, but at a minimum we should have the ability to spot and launch a full complement of helicopters at once i.e. the six hot spots on the port side of the flight deck.

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