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Letter to Santa Claus


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Letter to Santa Claus,

I would like to begin by thanking the staff of ED for the work done. We all know that Santa Claus does not exist as we imagine, but in this case exists ... and I would like to pilot the following aircraft in DCS: B17 Flying Fortress one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built,

F16 Fighting Falcon an icon in aeronautics, and last but not least the

Yakovlev Yak-3 my favorite Soviet plane.


I wish everyone a world of good



cpu:I7-6700k Z170 16GB Ram DDR4 Gtx 1080 8Gb DDR5 11GBs SSD 500 Gb 2 HDD 1Tb Evga supernova G2 850w Case Bequiet series 800 Silent base Win 10 pro 64 bit


My wishlist: F-35/B-17G/F4U Corsair/Yak-3/P-40B Tomahawk

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