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Gsync/Vsync/Drop of refresh monitor rate problems

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Hi guys,

I am running dcs on a high spec pc : i7 7700k@5.0 ghz, 1080ti/ 32gm ram @3200mhz / asus 144hz gsync capable monitor/ Ssd samsung evo 850.

I set up my nvidia control panel by activating gsync (both windowed and fullscreen), vsync on, refresh rate highest, turn off vsync in game, launch the game and it shows 64 fps, then alt-enter and got 144 fps, but then randomly the fps drops to 64 fps as if the refresh rate is dropping as well, then it returns again to 144fps.

Sometimes I have to press again alt-enter as it keeps running at 64 fps.

It looks to me as if the game cannot keep fullscreen constantly.

Another issue i have is that with both gsync/vsync off (either in game and nvcp) , the fps dont get higher than 64 fps.


I have reinstalled the game as well, reinstalled gpu drivers, etc etc, autoexec.cfg not present in my saved games folder, but the fps are capped to 64.


I have tried all settings of vsync /gsync, activated, deactivated both in game)nvcp but the fps are capped.

Untill a week ago eveything was running smoothly and when launching the game immediately showing 144fps, now its only showing 64fps.

  • CPU : Intel i7 8700k@5.0ghz cooled by Noctua NH-D15 / Motherboard:Asorck Z370 Taichi / RAM: 32GB GSkill TridentZ @3600mhz / SSD: 500GB Nvme Samsung 970 evo+1 TB Sabrent Nvme M2 / GPU:Asus Strix OC 2080TI / Monitor: LG 34KG950F Ultrawide / Trackir 5 proclip/ VIRPIL CM2 BASE + CM2 GRIP + F148 GRIP + 200M EXTENSION /VKB T-Rudder MKIV rudder /Case: Fractal Design R6 Define black

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