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Single pad working FARP


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Yep guys ;)


Single FARP V0.1



DL link (JSGME ready) :


- 1.5.7 stable : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWAaNGmZyp9GYj4xDYYa_u3tRS4vzBtE/view?usp=sharing

- 2.2 (texture issue) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g9ZdwwqVEPOBhm5-RV9GfohVh7YRHLr_/view?usp=sharing


What this mod does :


- Replaces the current 3D model with single helipad model made by Upuaut (THAAAANK YOUUUUUU <3)

- Allows you to rearm, refuel, etc etc on a single helipad.



Limitations and how to use it -IMPORTANT READ IT- :


- If you set up your aircraft in cold start, you will spawn on the standard pad sheme (so outside from the pad).

- You need to be on the pad to rearm and refuel.

- To spawn on the pad, you need to set up your aircraft in take off from ground.

- Aircrafts using wheeled gear will loose their gear if you do so (working on it). So you cannot spawn them on it, simply use them during the mission. Or you can spawn them and ask for a repair because your gear will be destroyed.



For modders :


To give your FARP the ability to rearm and refuel etc, you need ... Blam blam blam blam...


To go in your DCS WORLD\Bazar\World\Shapes folder. FInd the farps.lods file. (or use the one given in the mod).


Well you get something like this, without the last line : (It's not the same edm which is called, this one is the modded one).


model = {

lods = {




collision_shell = "marsden_helipad.edm";




- To get an invisible FARP (invisible, not non-collidable), set the number to 0.

- To get the collision model to work properly, you need to add the last line I added, and change with your 3D model.

- If you want to use a modified FARP model, like in my mod, simply replace the edm name by the new one on both lines.

- I say it just in case... Your edm model must be in the shape file. I'm not sure that we really care about registering it in DCS via the unit-thing.lua.

- YOU CANNOT set a non collidable FARP like replacing with a car or a shit like this, it is codded so you have to be in contact with the FARP, if you are in contact, even partially, with the ground, it won't work.






That's all ;)


Projected : Make a transparent FARP, I would need from a 3D modeler a 10*10 m, 5cm width invisible model, with a collision model, and why not a 500*500m. Thank you :)


Have fun ;)



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FARP looks good but floating 100' in the air due I think to having the same footprint as regular FARP and trying to position it in a valley! Reset back to old, ugly FARP by repairing DCS. Hope this can be done, it's a pretty obvious omission from the game. Hopefully have the option of one pad, four pad or no pad FARPs in the future

Thanks for the effort though. Look forward to V0.2!

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Think I figured out the issue.
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