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Falklands War, sea harrier


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You are correct. The L replaced the G variant.


I don't recall from Sharkey's book if the gun pod was ever used air-to-air against fighters.

PC specs:


Rig specs: i5-10600k @4.8Ghz. 32GB RAM. MSI GTX 1070ti. 27" 1440p G-Sync monitor. Samsung M2 drive.

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I believe the standard loadout on the Sea Harrier FRS1 in the Falklands War was ;


2x AIM-9L

2x wing mounted external tanks

Gun pod


The Harrier GR.3's usually mixed it up a bit depending on their mission but I believe they still always carried external tanks on the inner pylons.

[spoiler=PC SPECS]

Intel i5-8600k @3.60GHz


Windows 10

16GB RAM 3200 MHz

500 GB Samsung 850 SSD

2TB Seagate SSHD

Some cool LED fans that light up



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The remark was about fighters. Last time I checked, the C130 wasn't a fighter, but am happy for you to correct me on that!
Sharkey had 2 cannon kills but other SH2 pilots also scored cannon kills.

If you want to check on C130s, you may as well check on the Falklands.war yourself and not wait for answers here. People are only trying to help.


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