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Simple A/G Practice Mission

Johnny Dioxin (Brixmis)

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The usual - take-off at Kobuleti. I've armed the aircraft with 6 Mk82 Snakeyes, 38 rockets (and two AIM-9M, but you don't really need them) and the cannon.


There are lots and lots of targets at the disused airfield nearby. One or two will shoot back - but they are nothing to really worry about. Trucks, buildings, hangars, tents, ammo, fuel tanks, a towed Flanker in the centre of the cross, a command centre etc etc. 23 in all.


Use this mission to practice your ground attack procedures and techniques. It took me a while to get the hang of the CCIP - it's not quite like any other I've used, but my first bomb was a good hit - just don't ask about the rest!


A word on fuel - by the time I had used up all my bombs, using 1 drop per run, then the rockets, at 4 per run, I was down to 1500lbs of fuel - and that was just enough to get me directly back to the runway at Kobuleti - but not as far as the HAS!


So be warned - 1,500lbs is the late late bingo.





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