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enemy heading as text message?

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Hi all,


Currently am reading a book about the german nightfighters in the Netherlands during WWII. In here i read that the german pilots every xx seconds get the heading and altitude of an enemy plane.


Is there a way in the mission editor to obtain enemy flight data and send it as a text or radio message and update it every xx seconds?


I asked this question before but was looking for a MOOSE script. Did not got a solution on it so i would like to know if it's possible to achieve this in the mission editor.


I would like to create a nightfighter mission using a random airtraffic script so you never know where the enemy is comming from. To achief this i need the same data (heading+altitude) as the pilots got back in 1940/1945


I know we don't have the right planes for it but i would love to try and find out if this could work.


any help would be appreciated


Greetings Naj-Treg

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Its pretty straight forward to do. You can use this function form mist: http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/GetBRString



You may need to get the closest enemy unit to the player and then use this function to return a string which can then be used in a trigger.action.outText() function to the player aircraft.

 units = {"target"},
 ref = Unit.getByName('player'):getPosition().p,
 alt = false,
 metric = true

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