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Radio Frequency Assignments

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Speaking of radio frequencies, this is the document the radio set-up we used was derived from. The only liberty I took was in assigning 'Flying Control' to button B instead of keeping that function on the button A, 'Wing Local' channel, as it would have been at the time. There were a couple different reasons for this but I primarily wanted to make interaction with ATC non-obtrusive and completely optional. Button A is sort of 'hard coded' as the player flight's frequency so keeping ATC on button A would spam the player with calls on takeoff and landing they might not necessarily want to hear. In fact, the only reason I have ATC there at all is for the homing function as I can find no direct evidence that a formal radio control system was in place at the ALGs in June or July. My impression is that there would have been basic radio communications as well as very light signals, but not the system that was in place in England, and not the system we have in the sim.


From there, I exercised one of the options from the document's last paragraph and have all 83 Group assets operating on the 83 Group Guard frequency. To make this work, button A, C, and D all use the same frequency in these missions. This seemed like the best choice in terms of gameplay, allowing those who did not read the briefing or do not understand the radio system to operate normally while allowing those who want to roleplay the real frequency set-up to do so.



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