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Favorite technique for Mk82 Snakeye?


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Wondering what everyone's fave technique is for the mk 82 snakeye, if there's anything that works well for you.


Dive angle, release strategy, airspeed, ccip, ccrp, etc.


I've been trying a few different techniques in the Harrier but if this has been ironed out already I would much rather skip it all and get to what works well and reliably.


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snake and nape.


a mixture of high explosive snakeye and napalm


you come in fast and level at 150 ft and drop it ccrp.


if they run they burn, if they dive in a hole they get blown up. and as you come in fast and low they don't hear you coming. so don't shoot at you.


the only reason you retard a bomb is so you can drop it from low level and still have time to get clear of the blast.


they used a lot of snake and nape in Vietnam.. the classic bomb camera footage is all like this.


low and fast. a mixture of high explosive and napalm/white phosphorous.


but i don't think retarded bombs work particularly well in DCS. and the a10 isn't exactly fast..

so don't bother using snakes use the classic 82. and dumb bomb it from above 500ft.


maybe when we get a thunder chief..

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