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Charnwood Campaign P-51D


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Any clues as to how to set graphics settings for best performance in this campaign using an Oculus Rift? Any personal settings you may be using would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a Ryzen 5 1600x chip with 16g of ram plus an Asus 1080 ti card. Should I abandon the 1024 cockpit detail setting?

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For the most part you'll want to set everything to low or off except textures (high for both of those)... shadows to off, MSAA to 2x, Anositropic filtering to at least 8x or 16x. It doesn't cost much performance but it also doesn't give a lot of visual benefit in VR beyond even 4X.


Set your PD slider to something like 1.5 in the oculus software. 1.0PD in game. You can set it in game but I seem to recall that slider doesn't work at the moment.



From there... start turning things up slowly until you come down to either 90 or 45 FPS depending on your preference. Try to stay away from shadows... they look nice but are an FPS killer in VR.



Use the F10 menu to set the non-historic setting if you want in the Charnwood campaign. It should free up a lot of CPU.

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Win-10 x64


Nvidia RTX2080 (HP Reverb)

Asus Prime X570P

AMD 3800x

32GB G-Skill RipJaw 3600


Saitek X-65F and Fanatec Club-Sport Pedals

Using VJoy and UCR to remap Throttle and Clutch into Rudder axis

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