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Help with Mi-8 ARC-9 and DCS-BIOS!?


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Hi DCS-Bios Users


My name is Molevitch and I fly helicopters in DCS, mostly Mi-8, sometimes Huey. I hope you can help me.


I fly in VR, Rift, but am building a pit in anticipation of the Mi-24 (fingers crossed) which I can use for Mi-8 also, as there is so much crossover on Russian equipment.


I have been building radio panels and so far I have created R-863, R828, SPU-7 and Jadro. These are all managed through a Bodnar 64 Button board, and all work perfectly.


Now, I bought a genuine ARC-9 Radio Nav box on eBay. I want to retain the main freq dials with their original mechanical switches, as they feel great, a fantastic clunky feedback. Other tuner pots have been replaced with rotary encoders, as has volume. Mode selector was busted, and has been replaced with a rotary switch.


So I have not used DCS-BIOS.... or Arduino.... yet.


In my research into this, I have discovered Mi-8 JSON files, and am just now reading and beginning to understand DCS-BIOS and Arduino Sketch.


My question, and hope for help. Will the Mi-8 JSON script enable the correct use of the original dial-switches?


I have now rewired the originals to create simple switches on the 100Khz and 10Khz dialers on the top wafers (not shown in pic). This creates 21 switches per dial set, 10 + 11, In DCS Mi-8 Controls options, only Increase or Decrease is offered. I want the dials to select the correct frequency when switched/turned.


Wiring has been terminated with female duponts for connection to Bodnar BBI 64. This can be changed to male pins for an Arduino board. I have not yet selected an Arduino board to use.


I am not asking you to do it all for me, of course! I just want to check I am on the right path before I invest hours of time on this....


Thank you for your consideration of my question. I hope you will give me a little guidance.








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