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Charnwood Campaign


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I just bought the Charnwood campaign DLC because the trailer and description looked really good. I tried to fly the first mission, but the frame rates were so bad, it was unplayable. I noticed that there is a radio/F10 option to reduce historical 'clutter', but I haven’t tried this yet. My rig is not super high end, but it does quite well with other modules. Has anyone else experienced this yet (I know it’s brand new)?:(

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It's also unplayable for me. I've tried re-running the first mission a few times with tweaks with no-joy. Frames seem ok, but very bad stuttering.


Didn't get enough time in with the F10 to reduce units to conclusively say, but what kind of supercomputer is needed to run this with historical units? Apparently the Epsom campaign doesn't have this issue in 2.2?

i7-4790k @ 4.4GHZ, 32GB G. Skill Ripjaws DDR-2133 RAM, EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW3, Crucial M500 SSD, VKB MCG, TWCS Throttle, MFG Crosswind, TrackIR 5

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At some point a flight of 24 Mustangs moves in... I'd assume they run over some flak too ;). The F10 solution made it much better for me but I do still get some pretty hellacious CPU spikes though. That's on a 3570K@4.2Ghz and running VR.

Win-10 x64


Nvidia RTX2080 (HP Reverb)

Asus Prime X570P

AMD 3800x

32GB G-Skill RipJaw 3600


Saitek X-65F and Fanatec Club-Sport Pedals

Using VJoy and UCR to remap Throttle and Clutch into Rudder axis

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Please note the following advice pertains to the Epsom campaign for the Spitfire, which I was having similar performace issues with. YMMV for Charnwood.


Tip 1:


The stutters seem to be linked to new events happening, at least on my rig; any new audio file, effect, texture file or scenery requiring loading into the RAM or VRAM seems to trigger a pause or stutter (only have 8Gb).


In this regard I often go play a single dogfight mission before loading a campaign mission to get some of the audio files, textures and effects into the RAM. The preloading of the RAM can help somewhat.


You'll find as the missions proceed that stutters tend to decrease - not that it's much of a tonic whilst trying to taxi and takeoff in a series of spasmodic pauses... I know the trouble.


Tip 2:


Be prepared to have to reduce some of the graphical settings. Big eyecandy might be possible whilst zipping about solo but as soon as the CPU and RAM have to start dealing with the various effects, audio and AI routines that come with increasing object counts, that head end you had to enable super smooth solo performance soon gets eaten up.


Pre-load radius can be a big factor here; the more I dropped the value for this the better the campaign played. Similarly shadows can be a resource hog - you might have to drop them to flat to get desired performance.


Have an experiment. It will depend on a) your system b) the combination of settings c) the mission itself and finally d) what sacrifices you are prepared to make to the visual quality in order to make the game playable and whether that threshold is a point too far for youre taste.


Ultimately I suspect for the near future stutters will be something of a feature until the Normandy map is fully optimised - it is an alpha after all - plus the fact that the software seems to be pushing at the limits of our hardware and those of us with slighly less cutting edge PCs - and I include myself in that group - will be struggling these kinds of issues for a while.

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Runs fine for me, but every sim does. Good system, but I think it's because I use a single 1920x1080 monitor and no rift. Trackir is all I need.

Buzz, good for you man! What kind of rig are you running? Any settings tips?


This looks like a really cool campaign, however, I realize that WWII campaigns will mostly operate closer to the ground, where GPU loads will be high. I’m hoping that DCS will figure out how to improve on this. :music_whistling:

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