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ADF issue in v2?


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I am not sure if this is an issue with v2 (latest build) or if it is just something I am doing wrong, as I am just trying to learn navigation in the Huey. I start off West of Creech AFB, tune my ADF box to 326 and can hear what sounds like the right morse code to me. But my radio compass gives me an arrow which points directly away from Creech.


I checked my radio compass against my magnetic compass and they are both aligned, so its not that my radio compass is '180 out of whack'. Is this a known problem with v2 perhaps? Or a problem with the Huey module? Or a problem with my understanding of ADF? (not impossible!).


I don't think I am tuned into the wrong ADF signal as flying against the arrow takes me directly to Creech.



For info I used the absolutely amazing video below as reference;






Anyone got any ideas?

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Try fly straight south or north from your starting point. Will the needle move and wrong end continue point at Creech AFB?

If you overfly Creech AFB beckon, what happens? Does the needle swing 180 degrees?

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I can't see the video. I will try to check if something is wrong with the NDB/ADF, but meanwhile, have you try to identify the morse code against that one of the station? Holton suggestion is a good one.


P.D: Sorry I see that you already have checked that.

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Thanks guys for trying to help and no worries McFlurry, its worth me double checking everything.

The video was a youtube one I was following which showed Huey Navigation, I will try and get a quick video of me showing the problem if needed.


My friend and I tried again, starting from a farp about 8 miles north of Creech. When we tune in the ADF the radio compass shows the needle pointing nearly straight across, left to right. So what seems to be happening is that the ADF signal....


OK I got as far as the above and had a brainwave (or common sense kicked in rather). It's all sorted and sorry to waste everyones time. I went back in game and checked where the NDB actually is and it's around 18 miles West of Creech airbase. So even when I flew out about 10 miles West the actual NDB was still west of me.


Doh. Now I feel stupid!

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