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weather profiles...how to save them?!?


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Hi guys,


just to be short, I fly DCS by creating missions in the mission editor. For that I use the weather read by Active Sky Next and put the values in DCS for my departure base, but I have 7 modules so 7 missions with the same departure date so should be same weather. Unfortunately, I go by the logical way and create the weather for one mission and save it as a profile. When I go in the next module's training mission I want to load the new profile, but NO. It isn't there. Try again without any luck. The weird thing is that it sometimes works and the profile gets saved...but most of the time it doesn't.


I guess I could make a mission with all my modules parked and I can choose which model to fly, that way I am free of the weather problem as I only have to make it once for all. But is there a reliable way to save weather profiles?




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have you Tried the DAWS weather mod, probably the easiest way to get current weather details into the sim for any airport reporting metar data, https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=144855&highlight=DAWS+weather


edit: actually never mind it's not compatible anymore :(

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