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No Trees on the Nevada map in 2.2?


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Hi all,


Just noticed lots of awesome goodies with the update and seems to be some improvement in performance as well. I only fly in VR these days.


However with a few flights around Nevada i see all my trees have disappeared!, buildings are all there but no trees, anyone else having this issue???


My slider is set to 18,000 as there is a bug with the tree rendering distance at the moment. In normady trees are all accounted and presented for. :) just not in Nevada


I have deleted the metashaders folder but thats about it as far as anything different



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Trees are in for me too. :D



Do a repair maybe.






Repair only in admin settings!



Good luck!

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New system:I9-9900KS, Kingston 64 GB DDR4 3200Mhz, RTX 3080(OC 2070 Mhz), Corsair H150 Pro RGB, Samsung 970 EVO 1 Tb, Scandisk m2 500 MB, 2 x Crucial 1 Tb, T16000M HOTAS, HP Reverb Professional, Corsair 750 Watt.


Old system:I7-4770K(OC 4.5Ghz), Kingston 24 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz,MSI RTX 2080(OC 2070 Mhz), 2 * 500 GB SSD, 3,5 TB HDD, 55' Samsung 3d tv, Trackir 5, Logitech HD Cam, T16000M HOTAS. All DCS modules, maps and campaigns:pilotfly:

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